Promote sustainability with Ethical Banking from the Raiffeisen banks

Promote Sustainability. Endow Use.

There are a lot of different approaches in order to measure the return on investment. None of these approaches are more important than the one called use maximization. Endowing use does not only give you a good feeling, but also makes sense economically. Nowadays more and more investors are asking themselves questions like: What is my money being used for? What does my bank do with my money? Which projects are being financed with it?
The Raiffeisen banks are obligated to treat the savings of their customers with care and to use them visibly in the area of operation.
By using Ethical Banking, we follow our Raiffeisen bank tradition and our mission for solidarity, achieving self-help and supporting own initiatives. If you choose to use Ethical Banking, we can guarantee that you are allowed to choose for which kind of sustainable topic your investment is used. We also fill the growing requirement of those investors, for who it is more important that their money is used meaningfully, than the yield, which is only written in numbers.
Ethical Banking is: investing your money in something you believe in, contributing to a future worth living in and helping projects with an enormous efficiency.

Your safest yield: a piece of the future

The sustainable topics which you can choose from in South Tyrol, to help the sustainable development of our world, are: fair trade, less handicap, biologic agriculture, Bäuerliche Notstandsfonds, renewable energy, energetic reconstruction and handicraft. In order to select the projects which we finance, our bank and our partner organizations strictly and carefully check if all of these projects fulfill the ecological, social and ethical rules.
The borrower will borrow your money to a supportive interest loan. An interesting fact about Ethical Banking is that you can influence the supportive interest loan. The lower the chosen yield for the money you put aside is, the lower the supportive interest loan, which is given to the credit, is. The Raiffeisen banks only get a cost recovery. Your personal profit is a lot larger though. By working with us and trusting us with your money, you contribute in a future worth living in.
Meanwhile, about 27 Million € (30.06.2018) have been invested by our savers. This money is forwarded in the form of a credit.

"Give your financial investment
a face.“

Ethical Banking introduces itself:

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