Ethical Banking savings book. Knowing for what.

By Ethical Banking there are only products, which offer the maximum security and by which the saver has all his inserted capital available. We distance ourselves from speculations and the search of large profits. We promote local and manageable cycles instead, putting people and the meaningfulness of the investment in the foreground.

Always depending on the Ethical Banking partner bank we offer the classical or the nominative savings book and the fixed time deposits.
By the nominative savings book, the saver chooses the area,in which his money should be effective. Therefore, next to the classical investment criteria, safety, yield and disposability, he also has another advantage: being able to choose the designated use by himself.
Another special feature is that the customer can choose his interest loan (which has a maximum) by himself and can therefore directly influence the interest rate on debt. Our Raiffeisen bank only has adds a minimum addition to the interest loan (which can go from 0,5% to max. 1%) so that they can cover their break-even point. They do however resign on a piece of the profit. If the saver resigns on a piece of the interests, then this money goes directly to the supported project.

The maximum interest loan at the moment is 0,1%.