The Booster Club Ethical Banking introduces itself:

The president of the booster club, Helmut Bachmayer

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Booster Club (Förderverein) Ethical Banking.

The “Booster Club Ethical Banking” would like to promote the core values of Ethical Banking and anchor these in society. The core values of Ethical Banking are: solidarity, own initiative and self-help. The Booster Club provides a platform, in which all people, associations, companies, firms etc., who are interested in Ethical Banking, are linked. Through this club, more people should become a part of the important topic: Ethical Banking. A lot of people should get to know Ethical Banking, think about and discuss it.

2.5.1 Which concrete actions will take place?

  • Sensitization campaigns to the topic Ethical Finance, through lectures, press conferences, round table conferences, concert evenings, journeys, events etc.
  • Training and advanced training in the area of Ethical Finance, whilst respecting the sustainable aspects and showing these aspects solidarity with interdisciplinary solution statements, is what we would like to achieve, because we would like to develop new forms of productive and humanly dealings.
  • Publishing and examining projects from Ethical Banking
  • Helping and supporting third party projects, if these help the reputation of Ethical Banking
  • Developing new “ethic and sustainable” save and finance models, whilst always considering the needs of the stakeholders of Ethical Banking

Who can become a member?

All physical and artificial people who share the object of the statutes of the Booster Club can become members.

What does it mean to be a member of the Booster Club Ethical Banking?

  • Members of the Booster Club always get informed and invited to events and presentations about Ethical Finance.
  • Having the possibility of visiting courses and visiting training
  • Having the possibility of being a part of actions and actively working in and with the club
  • Members of the Booster Club are always being informed about the interesting modifications and the news of Ethical Banking
  • Having the possibility of getting direct information about the new and interesting offers of the stakeholders in Ethical Banking

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