"Biologic Agriculture"with Ethical Banking

Knowing for what.
Environmentally friendly agriculture.

Saving and finance line: Biologic Agriculture

With all of the manufactured items in the conventional agriculture nowadays, you can never be sure if pesticides, chemical fertilizers or biogenetics have been used on the food you eat. The consequences of these things are disturbances of one’s health as well as damages in our environment.
This looks very different if you look at the projects of biologic agriculture. Here, the products are produced under the consideration of the ecology, the environmental protection and under preferable methods which are gentle to the environment.
The biologic production of food is a concern, to which we have dedicated one of our saving and finance ways.
Knowing for what. Environmentally friendly agriculture.

"My money
operates ecologically“



Our partner organizations are the Bio-organizations in South Tyrol:


Arbeitsgemeinschaft für die Biologisch-Dynamische Wirtschaftsweise

Bund Alternativer Anbauer (BAA)

Producing cleanly and biologically

Our credits, with which we support agriculturists, by the adjustment from conventional to biologic agriculture, by the composition of directly marketing their biologic products or by the expansion of biologically operated businesses, are given to the agriculturists to a supportive interest loan. The savings which you invest, we only provide for those agricultural businesses with an interest favored credit, which have certified agricultural businesses. Each credit application is closely checked by organizations which are made up of farmers who work biologically, so that the money really only comes to the businesses who are ecologic and environmentally friendly.

We were able to collect more than 8.9 Million € (30.06.2021) for biologic agriculture. With the help of these savings, projects of biological farmers can be financed to a special interest loan of 1,128 %.

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