Knowing for what. Help for affected families.

"My money
secures existence!“

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Knowing for what.
Help for affected families.

Saving and finance line: Bäuerlicher Notstandsfonds – helping people

It is hard work to build up an existence as a farmer and it is exactly as hard to keep this existence. The farmer life is not an easy life and sometimes it only takes a little bit of bad luck or a stroke of fate, to ruin everything which the farmer has worked so hard on building up. Many insurance companies only pay a very small part of the damage which has been done and the earnings of the farmer are too little to put aside money for emergencies.

Since we work together with the Bäuerlicher Notstandsfonds , we are able to finance projects of farmer solidarity. Families who are in need of help urgently and which are in difficulty through no fault of their own, receive financial support to low interest credits from us. For the people concerned, this is often the only possibility to secure the duration of their farm.
Source: "FF Aufkirchen"
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In this particular saving and finance line, we do not publish the support credit and the name of the farmer, out of respect. We do however; publish the number of credits and the total.

We were able to collect savings over 6.6 Million € (30.06.2021) in this area. With this money, we are currently granting 49 families a loan to an interest of 0,989 % and a validity period of 5 to 25 years.