"Renewable Energy" with Ethical Banking in the Südtiroler Raiffeisen banks

Knowing for what.
Less ecological damage.

Saving and finance line: Renewable Energy

Nowadays the required energy worldwide is always rising. The fossil fuels such as: coal, natural gasoline and petroleum are still covering most of our needs, but it is not possible to regenerate these. The fossil fuels of this world are always decreasing and the consequence of this is that they always become more expensive and uneconomical. Eventually the sources are worn out and the prices for these energies are very high, because the retrieval, the transport and the manufacturing of these energies all cost a lot. Seen from the ecological point of view, we cannot keep going on like this for long. The extension of alternative energy sources is therefore one of our most important duties for the future. With our finance way “Renewable Energy”, we support and promote the use of renewable energy sources, which we can infinitely access and which do not strain our environment as much.
Knowing for what. Less ecological damage.

"My money
improves the environmental balance“


Direct energy revolution

By investing your savings in the finance way “Renewable Energy”, you have the possibility of consciously making an active contribution to a clean and sustainable energy extraction. We use your savings to provide builders with interest favored credits, so that they can build constructions in order to create renewable energy exploitations, such as: sun energy, photovoltaics or biogas.

We were able to collect savings over 2,3 million € (30.06.2021) for the finance way “Renewable Energy”. We provide these savings to a supportive interest loan of 1,121%.

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