"Enersan" with Ethical Banking

Knowing for what.
Saving energy efficiently.

Saving and finance line: Energetic Reconstruction

In order to usefully handle energy, you also need to think about saving energy. Energy dissipation heavily loads the climate and environment, endangers our biotope and threatens our world. In order to antagonize this development, we do not only have to rethink our current living situation, but we also have to reconstruct certain things. With our saving and finance way EnerSan (Energetic Reconstruction), which has been a part of Ethical Banking since 2010, we finance those projects which have set themselves the goal of saving energy.

Knowing for what. Saving energy efficiently.

"My money
protects the climate“


Old Buildings become ClimateHouse

By investing in EnerSan, you are directly contributing to the conservation of the environment. Your money is invested in reconstruction projects, which turn “Old Buildings, which consume a lot of money”, into a so called ClimateHouse (7 liter heating oil per m2 habitable surface), which is a minimum standard house and is very good for our environment. By building a ClimateHouse, controls and supports of the ClimateHouse agency guarantee efficient power saving.

We were able to collect almost 800.000€(30.06.2021) for EnerSan. In the area of EnerSan, it is possible for us to give people credits with a supportive interest loan of 1,112 %.

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